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Hornberg Musikanten is a Bavarian brass band based in the small village of Ellenberg located in the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Southwest Germany. It is on the “German Holiday Route” between the Alps and the Baltic Sea.

The name Ellenberg is the combination of “elch” (moose) and “berg” (mountain) that in English is “Mountain of Elks”. The village has a very long history as proven by the records from 1300 at the monastery of Ellwangen where it was first referred to as “Elemberch”. Ellenberg celebrated its 700-year-anniversary in summer 2000. Recently, it was discovered that Ellenberg had been settled at even an earlier period.

Ehrenfried Schütz conducts the band’s performances of traditional Bavarian brass band music that includes a dance ensemble of bandmembers.

Hornberg Musikanten has made many previous appearances in the Eastern and Midwestern United States namely Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin

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  1. Hello:
    Sitting here in Connecticut listening to your CD,which I purchased from your wife while in newington, ct. 28 aug. 2010. I wish to thank you, & your band players for a wonderful performance. I also asked for you to play for me wooden heart, which was recorded by Elvis in 3 November 1964.
    This song was converted from a German children’s song. Elvis was station in Germany while serving with the U.S. States Army in the fifties. While you your band were playing Sweet Caroline, I politely invited your wife to dance while Sweet Caroline was being played. She politely answered “No”. Also thank you for your autograph. I am looking forward to enjoying you & your bands performance in the future. Maybe in Germany some day? Thank You Joseph N. Rich

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